Wednesday, September 9, 2015

I was laughing to myself thinking about my grade school report cards. I'm talking about the really early ones and the teachers would write: Ann is a joy to have in the classroom. 

I think they said that because my Mom was always sending these gigantic bouquets of flowers from our yard to school with us and they wanted to keep those coming but a fast conversation with P reminded me of my extreme fabulocity. I call it: 


(The scene: Bedroom. Pitch black. Middle of the night.) 

A: I'm not getting a wig. I'm wearing a hat.

P: uhhhhwhut?

A: I think wigs are stupid. I'll just get a super cool hat, right?

P completely scrunches his entire face trying to grasp an inkling of what I'm spewing.  

He gets it-all at once-and asks: Did you even ask the doctor about chemo? 

A: no.

I'm getting a hat tho. That is FER SHER. 

P : Deep sigh. 

The End

Two things I learned today: 
Do not start looking up medical stuff on the internet while you're at work.
I am surrounded by magnificent humans.

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