Tuesday, September 8, 2015

MRI with Nora Jones

 I'm wearing my parade dress. It's worked out really well for this testing business because sometimes(not today) they don't make you change into a robe. It's also close to the crack of dawn-which I think is a good(ish) thing because you have to arrive with nothing in your stomach and I didn't get caught behind the prostate and heart MRI people who checked in right behind me. 

Lotsa people heading back to school today and I (whiningly) thought they were moving forward while I felt like I was going backwards but the truth is, I have to remember I'm doing this in order to stick around. 


There's a woman here in Admissions and she's quietly eating her yogurt at her 
desk and I dunno. I just thought it was cool to watch. 

It says: Please tell us if you have a fever and if you have traveled to West Africa (Guinea, Libera, Nigeria, Sierra Leone) in the last three weeks. 

I went to WalMart yesterday. Uh-oh. 

MRI Style Tip. Leave the glitter at home. 

When we got our vaccinations in kindergarten, the nurse said she was putting a bunny tail on the injection site. The MRI dude explained that 'I blew a vein' (or did HE blow it, ya know, cuz I don't have the pointy thing in my hand, right?)on the top bunny tail and when I asked what that was exactly-he looked at me like I was nuttier than a fruitcake but umm I don't speak vein. 

Pretty awfully darned proud of myself that I did so well with this-BECAUSE anxiety can grab me by the ankle on occasion-but I got to pick my own Pandora MRI music. I voted for 'relaxing' and he said, like classical or spa and I said spa, but then I thought whoa whoa whoa-why would I EVER subject myself to that if I was not on the clock so I channeled my friend Mary Kay and came up with Nora Jones which was exactly perfect. 

There was also a commercial for WalMart in between the bwooop bwoooop bwoooop bwoooop bwoooop bwoooop bwoooop bwoooop bwoooop bwoooop bwoooop bwoooop bwoooop bwooooping. 


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