Thursday, September 10, 2015

What must it be like, to have such gigantic bags of gold that you can finance an entire clinic-AND-you have the wherewithal not to go all Trumpy with your name slathered all over the place? (Who IS this person and do they wanna have some lentil soup at the Brazilian restaurant on Oak Park Avenue because it'd be totally on me. I'd be honored.)

I've been driving past the Cardinal Bernardin Cancer Palace for a whole buncha years now-never thinking I'd have an appointment there, but in we went this morning. It's a pretty cool looking place inside-except around the edges. Just small things. The bathroom was really unimpressive and just like dings on the edges of cabinets and I don't think Generous Donor would be happy about that. 

Also, once again, I find myself in certain situations where the customer service is so insultingly bad I go into a full body cringe-for the hoops I have to leap through to make a buckand here we are, waiting for two ladies to finish their personal chat.

"All I'm sayin' is: Money. Talks." said the one and I am completely sure she was not referring to somebody's co-pay and they're sorta half turned away from where we're standing behind the service line but umm hello? There's nothing separating us from their conversation except the fact that they're not greeting us and this doesn't have to happen this way. Something like, "Hi. We'll be with you in just a minute. "

It's also made me hugely supportive of money for education. Yeah, I don't have kids and yeah, I'm not really fond of paying taxes but the behavior of some of the support staff on this medical journey(mostly not at Loyola)just makes you shake your head. 

Our guide on today's excursion was-we think-a woman from Poland. Got done with all the blood pressure formalities, and, on her way out she said: You ready forrr doc-tor/Have a very goot day/God bless you. 

All in one breath. Lovely.

Then we had a 26 year old doctor child ask a whole lotta questions-which was fine-it's a teaching hospital-and when he asked me if there was something about sexual function I wanted to ask him, in my head I was like, um no. Is there something YOU wanna ask me? ha ha ha. 


We met the second member of our team. 

There is something about imagery(just like cartooning) where, if it's not looked at, it hasn't completed it's intended cycle. 

Doctors REALLY want to show you the pictures.

I know it's crazy, but I'd be okay if they just told me when to show up. Something like, we're gonna fix you the very best we can/see you on Tuesday. I'd be completely cool with that. 

But no no no. You gotta see slices of your entire universe. In living color-as they used to say on teevee. Two kinda red strangely shaped things and it's like, okay this is YOU looking up from the bottoms of your feet. And I'm like...wait, what? And he's scrolling and you're like...that's my what? And here's me: I'm like: Am I smiling?

There had been an option on the table to do this all tomorrow(Friday)and oh I want to get it started and put it behind me but there are just a few more things I need to do so the official starting date will be Tuesday, September 15th. Won't know the exact time till the day before but I will be expecting your positive vibe then. Oh yes, I will. 

In other news, P has been trying to get me to eat more slowly for + ever so here are the results of our post Loyola Dunkin Donut coffee conference tiniest bite contest-where everyone's a winner. 



  1. You got this amazing lady!!
    AE, I would be honored to crochet you a fabulous hat if the need arises-actually what the hell, you live live in the land of never ending winter and snow, sooooo I shall make you a hopefully-(dependent upon my crochet skills) fabulous hat :-) {{{hugs}}} EA

  2. EA-
    What would I do without ya?