Saturday, October 24, 2015

A reader writes: Oh man! Have you guys had any sleep at all?

Nope and now, I'm writing while surrounded by all kinds of traps-both glue and smash. I've got Grantley on the leash nearly tied to my ankle. 

We have had better nights. Collectively speaking. 


After the Cancer Doctor appointment, we had some time before our Art Therapy appointment so I called my Dad to make the No Chemo announcement and my Dad tells me I'm not walking enough-which is absolutely untrue-but a thing that happens in Cancertown-so many unqualified people telling me how I feel or what to do. Cripes. 

There are 41 steps straight up to get to my condo-it took me days to even think about going down at all and every day I add to what I did the day before. So whatEVA. 

Grain of salt. POW. 


We went into the side area that looked sort of like a terrible hat shop and waited to meet our therapist. She was very young and very snazzy. Most of the employees you see in a Cancer Center are not especially sparkly.  She did not get the memo. Thank goodness. 

She took us into the salon where they fit people with wigs and instruct them in how to draw eyebrows. She explained to us that there were a variety of projects we could do-anything from creating a video legacy to casting our torsos. We couldn't work with clay-like on a wheel-because there's bad stuff in the clay that can get into your lungs. Counterproductive, eh?

She asked about us. I said we were there really for P ands then I proceeded to be totally bossy. : )

P said he wanted to wrap the hospital like Cristo. He said this with a complete straight face. 

She lit up. 

I was like, oh god. Here we go. 

It went on. She asked how we were feeling emotionally and I do not know who said it(I really don't know) but the phrase 'smash things' came into play. 

She said she needed to figure out how we could smash things safely and our project was born. 

I felt so triumphant-like hey cool. Mission accomplished. And I said to Philip-hey when do you wanna start? And he kinda put me off which was mysterious-ish. And after talk-talk-talking, he pointed out that he's lost a lotta time/energy/money on his OWN stuff which is a gigantic bummer-and-a-half-o-rama.


We had errands on the way home. Wash the car, grab some food, go to Schauer Hardware to get annoying vermin supplies...I got the cheap-but-good special at Starship and I shared it because my tongue seems to have been painted grey. Lost some appetite-which isn't a bad thing at all. P was up ahead and all of a sudden: 

I haven't seen a picture for ages. 


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