Wednesday, October 14, 2015

I'm conducting an experiment today so while I do that, I thought it would be a great time to share with you an old family magical healing recipe. 

Take some mild cheddar in it's economical 'block' form. Cube a few pieces. 

Place the cubes of cheese on top of about 3 or 4 saltines. One each. 

"Box Cheese". 

I believe my sainted mother invented this recipe on one of my stay home days from Roosevelt School in Elmhurst, Il and interestingly, it's like the only thing I can stand to eat at the moment. Everything tastes Really Weird. Especially things that are known to be nice. Like English Muffins. How could something like that taste awful? Eggs. Uggh. And that leads to my nose. I can smell the entire universe and It's Not Good. 

Here is something good: The night before the actually getting ready for surgery day-they call this 'Surgery Prep'. It means you're not leaving your bathroom for a portion of the day-woo! We went for a shopping spree at the Jewel in which I picked out my last supper. 

Strangely, the clock struck 12:00 before we ate everything, but the super cool thing was, when I got home from the hospital? There was a round of my favorite foods on the planet. : )



  1. In my family, saltines are known as Hangover Crackers. Alice ate them with a 7-up chaser.

  2. I'm on the Ginger Ale. Canada Dry is the best. Schweppes has hard little bubbles. Vernor's tastes like it was made in a bathtub and the store brand will do in a pinch. : )