Thursday, October 15, 2015

Something Very Important happened yesterday, but first, the results of my experiment. Remember that cancer library book? Well, of course, that guy has some sort of charming and wonderful wife connected by her work in the Entertainment Industry to The Best Doctors and yata yata yata. 

I have P. 

If you recall, he arrived very late to my hospital check-out. He brought these 300 pound winter shoes for me to wear with my shorts. No bra. We get home, and the place looks like somebody backed up a garbage truck into the living room. PILES of stuff EVERYWHERE. I mean like nowhere to sit down because there is madness everywhere. 

And I was just like...

I was grateful for all he had done in my absence. (Do you know, he drove my art up to Grand Rapids, Michigan so I could be a part of artprize7? And he and the nicest woman named Shani from Lambert Edwards and Associates had to figure out a way to display it because the aluminum is so light the pieces just twirled which I think sounds kinda fantastic but remember, I wasn't there. I was trying to sleep in a foam rubber bed.) 

And I was half-sitting on our couch thinking about all the women who had given birth and come home to the opposite of a Target commercial. I mean, that has to happen several times every day, no? So, when I started breathing again, apparently, I was pretty mean and awful. 

At one point he said, "I know it's the medicine talking, but you gotta ease up." 


Yesterday was my final appointment with Dr. Abood. He was running over an hour late so we got to look at the other cancer fighters in the waiting room. There was a couple. She-the color of a kiwi-was harsh with him because it seemed at if they had to travel something like 3 hours to see their doctor(!) and they had been running late and she was very worried that they'd miss their appointment. He. He just took it all in. His face was pink. He apologized. It was just all kinda of awful. 

Fortunately, my experiment was to make every minute of yesterday, a chance to be kind and generous and not a mean and awful sick person because P is a person who's fetched me probably 18 thousand bottles of ginger ale and even when there's nothing special I needed from the grocery store(rare) he's come back with these, and he's taken Grantley out like she's Ginger Rogers and sorted out my prescriptions and rubbed my back and came when I yelled and did 800 loads of towels and so on and so on. 

Now the Very Most Important thing that happened yesterday was the nurse we got when we went in to see Dr. Abood. She was like a firecracker. Just sparkly, ya know? Her name was Milly. And our silly end of the day conversation settled on the idea of offering something to the patients as they left their appointments. 

So we finish with Dr. Abood. He looks so tired. He said he had to see two more patients before his day was done so I said, oh. I have a suggestion. 

Here's him: ????

I think you should have a treasure chest that patients can pick out a prize if they exhibit good behavior. 

Oh how he laughed and laughed. 

I felt so much better. 


  1. Your art looks fantastic in the front window of LE&A. Nice to have the picture, too. Your art. So, I hope you are feeling a bit better each day. Can you eat whatever you want? Love, Benita

  2. I don't want to come off like a whining cry baby but I feel good in increments of 15 minutes. ha. We are pushing tho. Little bit more every day. And yeah, normal diet but I think I'm just officially realizing I should make elf portions a regular thing except for Jujyfruits which are, of course, fruit. XXOO A