Thursday, November 5, 2015


Now then. who wants to invite me to Thanksgiving so I can make one of my new specialties? Form a line! Form a line! 

(Did you know junkies were constipated? Takes some of the fabulocity out of that whole thing, no?) 

Yesterday, I got to meet with Cara who is a Clinical Dietician. It was an 11 on the fun scale and not just because it was maybe the first appointment I've had where I didn't feel horrible before or after. I felt like I was doing stand-up and I was KILLING. 

I learned that the average person needs between 25-35 g's of fiber. I need to start with 5. 

Everyone is supposed to be sipping at least 64 oz of water daily, duh. Physical movement is important-that makes sense. And for further reading, she recommended a website called which I haven't looked at yet but she says there are recipes. Yikes. 

Because I got my © removed at Loyola-her services are free and I can even e-mail her. That is pretty fantastic and she was awfully cool. 
Clap clap clap.


Today, I wore pants, and drove in the car. I will tell you what, I was a little bit worried. (Not about the pants.) Yesterday, I was still throwing up-not like out of being ill. More like not knowing how to run my new carburetor. I'm still kinda finding out how it works. Or how it doesn't. 

Tomorrow, I'm going back to see my Primary Care. I was asking P-what exactly is collateral damage? Because while the big zipper on my belly is healing up(it already looks different than it did)all these other things got messed up in the process.

Go figya. 

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