Sunday, November 15, 2015

How much is that tumor in your colon? 
The one they took out at Loyola. 
How much was that adrenal gland that was glowin'? 
I do hope you've booked your colonoscopy. 

This is just the hospital portion of the bills thus far. In case you were considering not having insurance at any time in the future. 

The lovely Danielle watched me take some sort of non-aspirin pain thing yesterday at work and she said something like, You're feeling okay, right? And I said ummmnope. 

And I type that, not to collect any more Harry and David boxes of Happiness and Joy-I mean apples and pears, but to make note of the symptoms for the next person. Really tired. Like going to sleep at 9:00 tired. (P says I can't say fatigued because it sounds overdramatic. ha.) Bordering on depressed. Weird lightening-bolt pain configurations happening randomly across my abdominal area-which I just put my hand on and say: pain and P says: I'm sorry and that seems to help. I think that back-of-the-nose-camera-thing-from-hell probably disturbed the area that housed the up-the-nose-tube-thing-from-hell when I was in the hospital and I should have been smart enough to get that doctor to stop.  My skin is really pissed off at me. 

But the good news is the physical activity of giving one massage kicked my digestive system into high gear so that were completely right about that. Fake Miralax stirs beautifully into apple cider. Sesame Ezekiel bread is indeed the best-toast~wise. Learned about Aquaphor from Lindz's friends on Facebook so that's been fantastic. And Alana said the Wellness House in Hinsdale is a beautiful place-because Ann the Cancer Nurse told us we should go there for sure AND we caught a rat.

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