Tuesday, November 3, 2015

I remember it as if it was only yesterday. (cue dream sequence). He was there and his dog, and Grantley and me and he said, "Hey. There's something important going on that's going to affect People. Like. You."

I was like, uhhhhhhhh. 

What's that supposed to mean. People like me. Pfffft. 

And I don't even remember if this was at the point in which Obama was proposing it or was Congress passing it er whut. People Like Me don't have C-Span, yo. 

Obamacare finally happened. And it allowed Someone Like Me, to work a couple of different jobs at the same time. Woo. 

I had never really, really tested out my policy. Up until September of this year, I used it once and had to pay the whole 80 bucks for my appointment because of my deductible and that irked the crap out of me, but that's a story for another day. 

I'm watching the bills roll in, but what I'd like you to know about The Affordable Care Act is A) I am not a shiftless weasel and B) They never seemed to, ya know, like use inferior materials on me. I never got that sense. 


Once, I accidentally bought a giant bag of reject Q-tips at the Dollar Store, and every so often I'll get one with no fuzz at one end.  That never happened with Loyola or Obamacare. 

Thank you.


*Those are my socks from the hospital. I read somewhere that the yellow ones were for people at risk of wiping out. I thought the color choice was a reflection on the cheerful dispositions of people like me. 

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