Friday, November 20, 2015

I went to the cancer psychologist. First appointment-9:00 AM. Lots and lots of paperwork for this one, my friends, and of course, I gave the HIPPA back for recycling purposes. 

Essentially, my question was this: Am I crazy or has my life just spun completely out of control? 

The answer was this: Yes. Yes it has. Thank you for shopping Psychology-Mart. Good day.* 


Came out and there was somebody giving complimentary chair massages and OF COURSE I got one because.    

She was a lovely if not somewhat ridiculously 'Oh-how-I-love-my-healing-career' cliche-ridden and she was pinchy which is massage therapist secret code for 'nobody needs to feel your raggedy thumb in their neck sistah' but it was free. 

This is the front entrance to Hotel Rat. We've welcomed nine juvenile visitors so far. My kitchen is temporarily destroyed in effort to shut the hotel down but it's all okay because I'm going to get my haircut which everyone who knows me knows is my True Therapy. 


Speaking of free, the Psychologist gave me a xeroxed sheet of FREE Apps and Web Resources for Relaxation, Stress Reduction & Sleep. I sampled and immediately wished to jump off a ledge. 


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  1. I just spent about an hour cleaning my radiator enough so I could get a good look under it for holes... without dying from a year's worth of dust and dog hair. I've been finding mouse poop... but still can't figure out where they're coming from. Last thing I want is mouse hole getting taken over by larger and more destructive cousins.TT on the other side of my wall was my first taker on the silicone + copper scrubby kit. Had something pooping and chewing in her kitchen. Whoever thought "lets remove the baseboard instead of notching the back of the cabinet around it" if I find that guy... I wanna bite him.