Thursday, November 26, 2015

I'm having trouble, because I'm having trouble.

It is Thanksgiving and you'd think I'd be able to cough up a bit o' thankfulness. Ya know, what with being alive and everything. 

Fer f@#$ sake. 

But on Tuesday, when this happened:

It wasn't too much later when this happened:

That's right. A long-lasting lip stain from Sephora. Uh-huh. 

In addition-the opportunity to make my Dad howl-at his dentist's office when I told him I looked like my IQ had dropped 100 points. 

In terms of thankfulness, I'll go with that.

Have a happy day.

'How did that happen?!', asks our friend Leigh Ann. Oh ya know, I was talking and thinking and I picked up the string of my sweatshirt hood where that little plastic thing is near the end by the knot? I took a little tiny thoughtful chomp and something(a big old filling)flew to the ground and I just put my head down on the dining room table because enough is enough already, no? 

On the positive side, I may have found a new dentist. Dr. Higgins and Moustafa worked FAST with no moronic yakking. 


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