Saturday, November 7, 2015

This is Really Weird and not Good Weird. 

I was digging for information-I remembered Katie Couric's husband who died from colon cancer. I just went hunting for information. Nothing in particular. 

I found one line that hit me nicely. 

They said(about Jay Monahan)that people used to joke that he had a 'roll of Tums in every pocket'. 

You see what I have here in my car? A roll and two halves of Rolaids. I also used to pack The Pink Stuff in it's tablet form. I never knew what to expect.

 Check your pockets.  Get the test.


I had a private showing of my art on this fine day.

I made a drawing to bring to my Primary Care. I get kinda wound-up(understatement) sitting in the doctor's office(My Mah had white coat syndrome. She had to take her pressure at home.) and I cannot be trusted to remember everything, so I brought my own chart. Laugh if you will, she went out the door and came straight back in. She said: We forgot to talk about your foot! 

So many of my systems went weirdly wacky on this road to wellness. (And it was a genius idea to check back in with the Primary Care-it was a Loyola nurse who suggested that when I couldn't get in to see a skin doc.) 

I had throat things from the anesthesia. Terrible headaches from the connection to the throat things. Foot things possibly from hospital stuff. Weird skin things just from being in the hospital and random crazy sparkling pain from the incision site. Exhausting, really. 

I like my Primary Care Doctor a lot. She's way smarter than I am and when she asked me if I wanted to go have a mammogram-I was like, are. you. kidding. me. 

We agreed we can put that off till new year.  

For weeks and weeks and weeks, I've had a ticket to go see something super cool and fun last night with Lindz but I haven't sat in a crowd yet and I just wasn't sure I was up to it. (Perfume worries me. Also bad drivers.) Last night, my new configuration gave me SEVEN(!) skips to the loo. 

As you can see, my pipes and I-we are still working things out. 

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