Thursday, November 19, 2015

Went AROUND the ginkgo balls on a street where this is possible. 

A dead-rat-free morning. (This is huge-Do you think someone in the chain of subURBan governmental responsibility contributed to this event? )

A perfect answer to-Do you think I need a coat? Because from my lofty perch in my warm condomanian dwelling, outside looks like this. (It's actually even a nicer shade of blue but I sacrificed it to show you my hand-painted artificial stained glass windows.)

But it feels much closer to Pre-Siberia. So. My psychic reader and advisor told me I better wear the green coat and I did-which was good and I was grateful for someone who has that which coat to put on ability because I clearly do not and that leads me to another cheerful thing.

I had been just a little bit worried, because they lifted my adrenal gland-that there might be a possibility that my internal thermometer would be off and I'd have to move to Arizona. Not that there's anything wrong with Arizona but....uggh, ya know? So paraphrasing the words of my sainted Mother, I "put a swedder on."

For breakfast, I enjoyed a drippingly ripe Harry and David pear WITH the accompanying Gouda cheese and crooked pinky and felt ever so fancy. 

The guy who we've been waiting for-his bid to fix our 'situation' was $500 as opposed to the Irish man who started talking $1000 and by the end of his paragraph he'd convinced himself that he really meant $2000. Anyway, $500 has put us off for days and days and possibly weeks and he's now on a clock that if he doesn't get back to me by noon? He's done. Tick tick tick. 

Cancelled the next appointment with the ENT from HELL. 

I walked Grantley this morning. 
It's sorta severely cool to have someone else take a turn or two(or 64 turns in a row) but I think I really require the influx of sunshine to stop me from becoming a gigantic douchebagatron. 



  1. Have been pondering what the heck are ginkgo balls. I know I could google it but I imagine your explanation will be much more interesting. Could you please, pretty please enlighten me?