Thursday, December 31, 2015

It's almost a year since I started at the library. It was February, I think. Here is THE most fantabulous thing about the gig. You get a 15 minute break? And you can run upstairs and GET BOOKS. 

I know. 

Something for everyone/Two for me!

I LOVE that.  Also there's someone there named Anne and we were both surrounding an unsuspecting person and  I said: Hey look! An Annwich! 

And we thought that was Very Funny. 

You don't get that everywhere. 

Lots of days, you have parents executing those Teachable Moments. Which is kind of sweet and nice (if there's not a line of 200 angry people behind them) but today, there was a Dad and a kid. And the kid was getting a whole bunch of DVDs and the Dad was getting a book and Sierra, my co-worker, was lovely-making sure everyone was attended to properly and the Dad said," Now, what do you say to the lady?" 

He thought it over. 

The child yelled: I



Hmm, I thought, my New Year's Eve sentiments exactly. 

Happy 2016!!! 

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