Friday, January 1, 2016

I am cleaning off my desk because it gets pretty messy around these parts with all the foolishness that goes on and I found this list and just before I tossed it-something stopped me. 

It says: Bank/Stars/Stamps/Milk.

Then there was this on Facebook this morning:

And I am thinking thinking thinking. 

Something I'd like to let go of is this notion that my 2015 was bad. And that whole sorta-"What horrible thing is going to happen NEXT with you two?!?!" nonsense bullshititude thang that keeps popping up. Because it troubles me and I'm having that removed. 


Because here's the thing: In 2015, they were able to discover a cancer twirling in my deepest depths, take it out and I'm still here. Sitting up and everything. In a different time-maybe when technology wouldn't have been what it is-it might still be percolating, no? 

I am still negotiating the hideous Prednisone and my affordable care act insurance has not coughed me up a new member number which is majorly worrisome, isn't it? The wait time on the Payment Center line yesterday was over 60 minutes. But here is me, up and running. 

Now, did Cinderella make it to the Ball? Nope. We were almost there and it all caught up with me. I'm doing more massages(I'm at 3.5) and Thursday afternoons are not my favorite library shift on a good day and New Year's Eve at the library was not exactly a good day but I'm still standing. 

Yeah yeah yeah. 

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