Tuesday, January 26, 2016

I wasn't even going to go to Livestrong because I have another gig that happens every couple of Tuesdays, so when I woke up to an exploding stomach, I was down for the count. I still haven't been feeling 100%. I'm being tested every other week and then Monday-based on THOSE numbers-I got called in for a big blood test extravaganza. 

The coolest part of that experience was watching this little girl come out of the lab. She was making these growly gulps of air like she'd just thrown a tornado fit and speaking on behalf of all the adults in the waiting room, I was more than envious. 

They say there's this giant fear thing that happens when you go in for your checkup (I heard a story about someone who didn't return for his checkups and of course, that person is dead-dead-dead.) But these minor aches-those kinda worry me-like what IS this and when is it going away? 

When P returned from the Y-he was making these man grunts. Apparently the leader decided to kick everyone's ass with her chair exercise smorgasbord. He kept saying to me: You're just lucky you didn't go today. I didn't think my stomach situation qualified as 'luck' but whatever. 

In other news, he found the Fannie May outlet. 


I fell immediately asleep to The Rev. C Scot Giels's hypnosis recording. I've listened to enough of them that if he told me to act like a chicken, I'd be clucked. 

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