Sunday, January 24, 2016

The Assessment

Everybody was a bit anxious about the assessment and I whispered to P that I was going to kick his a@# to New Jersey assessment-wise, because I have this new-found annoying other people on purpose streak. 

For instance, I was just singing along to a recording of Pavarotti-I don't know the words but I try to hold a similar sound as long as Pavarotti did and P's was like, Hey. I thought you had a headache. 

I'm just singing, said I. I thought you'd enjoy it. 

Heh heh heh.

So. We got there. 

One thing I overheard, was the two women-I think I heard them say that when they got their cancer diagnosis, they automatically took an entire year off. 

Umm, wow. 

Anyway, we had to go down to the gym where there were 3 sets of 3 folding chairs set up across the gym floor. The deal was, you had to walk briskly-as if you were rushing to get to the bathroom-for six minutes. 

If you felt weak, you were instructed to sit down in one of the chairs. There were two helpers timing us and taking our pulses before and after. 


It felt exactly like elementary school gym class which was a kind of a wonderful thing. 

It was Happy Smile with a super cute red sports shirt on, me, and a refugee from the evening sessions who was sitting in with us for the assessment. 

Happy Smile was the one to watch. She had this whole arm pump thing I was trying to copy because she was way out in front. My helper was saying crazy stuff to me-like imagine there's a cute guy you're following and I was like....uhhh....oh-kay. 

Anyway hey. I did pretty reasonably okay. I think I did 14.5 laps. Not qualified for the Olympics but I didn't have to sit, right? And I was carrying the remnants of that cold that captured me last week. So I was okay with my baseline. 

Then it was P, the Hispanic man, and The OP lady. I was mostly watching P and it was fun. All hardcore serious foolishness from the helping ladies by this time. Everybody smiling. 

And do not think I did not take notice that these 6 strangers were smiling and clapping for each other all of a sudden. Pretty cool.

Next, we went back upstairs for the balance testing, the flexibility testing and the back scratch testing. And then into the weight room to try a chest press and a leg press. One rep as big as we could do. 

I felt pretty strong-ish and P was very strong. All in all-a pretty terrific day.

Until about 12 hours later, when we went all-acetaminophen because those muscles haven't been worked in for-f*ing-ever.  

In other matters, it's been a week overflowing with other people's stuff. I haven't been feeling 100% and I think it's time to find a new Primary Care Doctor. 

On the positive side, I made some nice soup*.

*okay not that nice but soup crafting on a Sunday afternoon is a glorious thing indeed. 

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