Sunday, February 21, 2016

Get Outta Town

We went to Kenosha because we had to get some fresh air. We've been there enough times that we've got it down to a science. First stop: Jelly Belly. In the icky Jelly Bean free sample flavor department, they had 
'Canned Dog Food'. We got one for G who was waiting patiently in the car. 


 It was out of her mouth in 3 seconds. Interestingly, she ate a teeny tiny bit of cantaloupe taffy right after that. 

Gave her a stroll. Or she gave us a stroll. May many many short walks today. A good thing. 

This is the park where Kenosha's Library lives. Abe Lincoln hangs out here too. He gets around. 

This is right before we stopped for two slices 
of New York style pizza. They came with two garlic knots. I had to explain them to Philip. 


Sculpture Walk. 
Here it was cold and very windy but so many cool people out walking their dogs in the wind. Clears your head. Literally. That water is filled with everyone else's nonsense that has been blown out of people's ears. 

My camera went wacky. I like it. 


Me and the G. 
Do you think I look like a schlub? I do. ha ha ha.

On the way home we passed Egypt 
cuz that-my friends-is how we roll. 

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