Thursday, February 25, 2016

I have more tests this morning. Since the big surgery, I have to eat this pill everyday sprinkled over an unmade bed of applesauce and then I have to wait 30 minutes to eat anything else(which is no big deal except I have to get to work) so I waited and then I grabbed a handful of Jelly Belly's which probably shouldn't even be in my house. Maybe like in a tiny gun safe or something. 

I don't have brakes regarding Jelly Belly's(while marshmallows are completely safe around me) so I was chomping slowly along and all of a sudden I thought, Oh Cripes. I have TESTS this morning. This would be one whole hell of a lotta sugar, wouldn't it. 

There's your Jelly Belly brakes. Installed. 



This has been one hell of a week.(UNDERSTATEMENT) But the brilliant, brilliant, genius thing was to take the week off from medical gunk. 

I don't think I realized I could even do that and so, so, so happy I did. 

When the going gets tough, remember who is in the drivers seat. Duh. 

What if I get the home version of one of these things and have everyone over for some sort of family look at your insides game night? You know you wanna. 


Working up to hand-crafting a poached egg with avocado on toast cuz it's supposed to be spectacular so I watched a couple of youtubes and now I'm in the land of poached egg intimidation. 

If you're even feeling down, one place you might want to go is a hospital lobby. You think YOU feel like crap, spend 15 minutes watching everyone else. 

Puts a spring in your step. 


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