Saturday, February 6, 2016

The first photo in a very long time where I can look at myself and not 
immediately think about how horrendous I was feeling at the time. 

I saw the offering in the Wellness House brochure-it has to be over a month ago. The night was called: Some Enchanted Evening and I thought ya know, we could use some of that action around here. 

Of course, you get to that night and you think to yourself, it'd be so much more enchanting to sit on the couch and watch TeeVee but we went out the night before to get P some pants(and of COURSE I started feeling awful almost as soon as we got to Kohl's because that's the way the past 4 months have gone) so I monitored myself like a crazy person all day Friday so I wouldn't wreck the enchantment. 

It's a long drive from OP to Hinsdale and we got there and were ushered in and offered Red or White. We got our table card and discovered we were being seated alone/together like a restaurant and the staff and board members of Wellness House were there to serve us. 

We had a nice salad, and then-I think loin of pork with some fancy mushrooms and a twice baked potato-ling and asparagus and if we were not offered wine at least 7 more times(The brand was called 'Expensive'.)I could be underestimating. There were croissants seated next to balls of butter which cracked me up because aren't croissants like 87 percent butter already? 

I'm not sure that we hadn't run out of conversation on the drive over there and I know we got to one very minor flash point where it was like: okay we're gonna have to talk about that later and I say that to illustrate just how out of enchantment practice these two people had become. 

After the dinner, we were ushered into a different room where the piano player was jamming in the corner. I heard many complaints that the music was too loud. I know this is a crazy thing, but I looked over the group and thought, ye gods what a shower of old people. Have I become one of them? 

I don't think so because as far as I could see, I'm the only one that dropped ice cream on her polka dotted skirt of maximum fabulocity but hey, ya never know. A haircutter I once had, said he went to his high school reunion and everybody looked old except him. 

I got cornered shouting back and forth to a couple from India. We enjoyed very little in the way of connection. He led with how terrible the roads are and how terrible the neighborhoods are on his two hour commute and I was like, holy jezuz in a million years I would never make a 2 hour commute. What a waste of your life. And this being shouted over Piano Man. Lahhh la lahhh did dee dahhhhh dah dah. 

She and I were in agreement about how this cancer business completely stuns you for a period of time and it's a funny thing how you have to do this incredibly important thinking when your head is reeling. 

P, of course, was totally bonding with another couple-specifically the man and I had to peel him away at the end because that's the kind of guy he is. I'm the coat holder while he is asking the musician about his time in the Navy Band. 

On our way out, they gave us prizes. Prizes? I thought. Wasn't this entire night a prize all by itself? 

They gave us the centerpiece from the table, a big jar of almost completely prepared granola stuff AND a Five For Fighting CD. Wow. 

We agreed that it had been a very nice evening but that we had taken our turn and were going to leave our chairs open for the next people who might need enchantment. 


Item of interest:  Remember the awfulness of the day my front filling broke? I remember thinking, what the hell ELSE is going to go wrong here. Ahh what a simpleton. I had no idea, did I?

My Dad took me to his dentist. Because we were in his town. Because my Dad could make a phone call and get me in. That kind of thing. 

Well. I learned something gigantically valuable that day. My Dad's dentist was so far superior to the one I had been seeing-not in a glamorous way-just the opposite actually, but that guy just got down to work and there was no having to sit and listen to 4 women completely jibber-jabber for the torturous appointment. I'm an very anxious patient with a laundry list of special needs and listening to these women cluck(the dentist teases her people and it's kinda on the mean side) does not help me at all. 

So, ha HA! I went looking on the internet and I found a very credible person pointing me toward a dentist I'd never heard of. 

I went today. Guess what?



Next week is my four month surgical anniversary. Anything you'd like me to ask? 

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