Thursday, February 11, 2016

The Fitness Program

We officially dropped out of the Livestrong thing and here is why: I think I might have signed up too soon(or maybe I just had the complete wrong idea about the whole thing) and that is a giant bummer and a half o rama but I think we maybe started our own Goofstrong program. Possibly maybe. 

Here's me (with Carol Channing's hairdo) in one of my favorite places in the universe. I'm not telling you where it is because I like it better empty. The interesting thing about this photo is this: a few months ago, we drove here for some general lollygagging and I had to sit in the car because I felt like crap. Can you imagine me-the designated car sitter? I was so pissed. 

But on this very, very, very cold day, we took a small stroll. And that was something. 

Phase two-we were watching some teevee and P kept passing me the water bottle. Over and over and over again. Hydrate, he said. 


Good news. Auditions for a new primary care doctor start tomorrow at 2:30. I asked the skin doctor for a recommendation and this guy was at the top of her list. I like her, she likes him, fingers are crossed. 

Last straw with former primary care? There were these hospital blood test results-she's the one that started that whole nonsensical rigamarole, no? And I asked her if she'd reviewed them. And she replied that it was I that had to request that she'd be sent a copy and I thought, man, you are seriously playing fast and loose with my health. 

I shoudda last-strawed her a long time ago. Duh=me. 


On the horizon: an appointment with a nutritionist. The next hypnosis thing is called: Keeping Your Energy in Your Own Life. A visit to a kidney doctor. And the 4 month anniversary with the surgeon which I thought was this week but is actually next. 

It feels like an occasion that requires a candle shoved into something. 

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