Sunday, April 10, 2016

A Doctor Who Actually Makes You Feel Better

Imagine that. 

I went to my Primary Care on Friday-all by myself, dammit-I only need scribes when I anticipate hearing news that would render me incapable of listening, writing and not falling off the examination table at the same time.  

It is a thing tho. When cancer comes to town-you're thrust into a culture of doctor's appointments and when somebody asks you what's new, the only thing news-wise you have to blurt out is, well, I'm having more surgery and who wants to be on the other side of THAT conversation? Ummmnobody. 

I could tell the story of being out for a walk with G and P. The two of them have started my mandatory inclusion on the evening stroll. What is the name of this blog? Be positive and walk and I gotta get on it, right? 

So we're passing by Popeye's Chicken(The most Westernly point of the Chicken Wing Triangle) and there's a rusty red kind of an old Jeep-ish sort of a car-three men inside and I-like an idiot-think they've mistakenly set their giant bag of five dollar chicken meal deal boxes on the ground next to their auto. You know like how people drive off with their Starbucks on the roof of their car? So I just kinda point, like Excuse me, fellow citizens. Don't forget your chicken. (After you work a shift at the library it's hard to put the brakes on assisting people.)

Oh I guess I called that one totally wrong. The intention was to DRIVE OVER the bag of chicken bones on their way out of the parking lot whilst giving me the finger AND yelling 'F-ing white bitch' in my direction. 

FWB. Oh they have no idea, do they?

I brought my traditional laundry list to my primary care including The Most Inconsequential Things but I'm looking at surgery and I want to make sure everything is generally cool before that happens, right? I don't want to die of a crooked toenail. 

I even really like the-we think maybe she's an LPN? The one who takes your blood pressure and stuff. Even she is super cool-encouraging me to ask him everything about everything. And so I do.

I had 6 things and we had a fascinating chat about how surgeons view the dance of the bowels compared to how-general practitioners view it. The GP's don't rush toward Magnesium Citrate as quickly as surgeons and if you're not completely empty at the end of every day, it seems as if it's not such a crisis. 


We talked about the thyroid surgery and he assured me it's gonna be okay AND I even asked him(We got to talking about this in the car one day.) Like if your thyroid activities have to be ruled by medication from here on out, and if it's too high(that'd be hyperthyroidism) how come I can't just turn it up for a little while and drop some major poundage? He said, oh we don't want that, believe me. Me: How come? Ha ha ha. 

And a chat about cancer and the cure for cancer and why different scans don't pick up different cancer cells and he said the definition for cancer is only: cells growing where they're not supposed to (Oh man, I hope I got that right) and what I liked most of all about this appointment and this doctor was when I said some stuff-he corrected me but not like my 5th grade teacher-smacking my concepts into oblivion. It was completely a conversation.

I am so glad to be alive in a time where your health care IS a conversation, that I almost feel like looking up my doctor's mom and congratulating her on creating such a fine person but that'd be seriously weird, wouldn't it? 


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  1. Hyperthyroidism is like anxiety cranked up to volume 20 on a ten point scale. I've only gone through it once with my Hashimoto's... and now know what "making your skin crawl" feels like. For real.