Wednesday, April 27, 2016

A reader asks: Ya still workin'? 

(You have to zoom in on this unless you'd prefer to enjoy it purely for decorative purposes.) 

I have these weird bruise mark things on my hands and arms from the blood tests/blood thinner combination and one of my SUPERvisors-no really, they are-told me I am a warrior and those are my battle scars. It's weird to have colors on your arms all of a sudden. Bad weird. 

It's 15 days-ish till surgery and so-as I have ever so subtly noted, I've now put on my game face* and started to focus on remaining completely calm. Please wish me luck as I have been summoned to call because of some misguided paperwork or something-that-if I don't follow up could result in the loss of any insurance I currently hold. 


More tomorrow*. 


  1. I'm shooting luck, good juju, hugs, and positive vibes your way! *pew, pew!*

  2. I wondered what that zinging was. Thanks!!!