Tuesday, April 5, 2016

First, a little story-because you've earned it.

My Grandfather was a Lutheran minister. I know. When my Mah was growing up-along with a lot of other Really Odd Rules(these are the people who weren't allowed to dance)-they weren't permitted to ever say they were 'lucky'. 

Everything was The Lord's Will.


When my Grandfather died-he was driving a car with a man in the passenger seat. My Grandfather was somehow able to commandeer(I don't know if that's the word I want-but I like it.) the car to safety at the side of the road as he was experiencing some sort of heart event. His hearts last event, really, but anyway, in their local newspaper on the very next day, the man in the passenger seat was quoted at the top of the article. 

He said: I felt lucky. Very very lucky. 

I don't know why-there must be something really, really wrong with us(aside from the obvious,of course) but my Mah and I thought that was SO funny. We used to say it all the time. The entire sentence: I feel lucky. Very very lucky. 

We even had a hand signal. Ya ready?

Because this thyroid thang was found completely by accident-nobody was searching for it, there were no signs or symptoms or anything. The Cat Scan lady just happened to catch it at the top of the scan she did in the ED of Loyola so many weeks ago-I mean, what if she called in sick that day, right? 

It is also not caused by smoking, they don't know the cause-posssibly environmental, and most certainly not related to the colon cancer-this is a whole different thing-but they do know, these thyroid thangs are on the upswing so could ya please get your appropriate physical when you're supposed to get it?  It's like children, no? Just because they're quiet doesn't mean they're not up to something, right? 

Here's how we're going to play this:

These are on my refrigerator door. I handcrafted them myself many years ago and I absolutely believe it. 

Instead of saying something inadvertently droopy-Mary Next Door tells me I have to be positive and resting and taking care of myself right now and I believe her-I'd be perfectly okay if-the next time you see me? You said: Oh. My. Stars! You are SO LUCKY. 

I will know exactly what you mean. : ) 


  1. That was my Aunt's favorite exclamation.... "Oh my Stars!"

    Lutherans make the best coffee.

  2. Not MY strain of Lutherans. Our coffee is awful. That's how we like it.
    : )