Friday, April 1, 2016

Here's what happened: I was just doing the final, final layout/bits of writing for this children's book that I intend to get published-so I was completely engaged in that, when the phone rang. 

It was the Thyroid Guy. He said he'd tried to call the day before but did I remember the A->F scale? Did I remember the A->F scale, what are you, kidding me? Well, he said, yours came out an F.

I said: SHIT*. 

When I resumed breathing-and it took me a minute-I took these extensive notes: Remove entire thyroid gland. And then there's an 'F' and then in a circle there's the word: Shit. (because I didn't want to forget it-like that's even possible.) 

Ya know, with any of this-may the lawd forgive me-shit that I've experienced, I never shed a tear. Nope. Not even one. I'm not a weeper especially. But when I got to the phone call to Philip-HIS reaction made my lower lip quiver until I forceable pulled myself together for the next round. I did like: Hey. We have to conserve our energy for getting through this next thing so let us pull it together right now, right? 

Next quiverment, somebody from work I've grown to really appreciate. She was looking at me about to get choked up and I was looking at her choking up and finally I did my speech and that was that. She's an awfully lovely person tho. 

I've had a whole day to get used to the idea and now when I watch TeeVee, I'm trying to see if I can make out people's thyroid glands on their necks. It's a new hobby-possibly maybe.

Next appointment Monday morning. I'll know more then. 

*Later, I told my Dad I said 'shit' to a doctor and my Dad said, 'Good.'

Whoa, huh? 


  1. Holy shit.F@#*!!!!! Just wanted to do some cursing with you.

  2. Ha! That's better than a box of chocolate covered cherries.

  3. Will curse with you as well. SHIT, SHIT, SHIT. I'm here for you, old pal. xo Gail (can't seem to figure out how to log in)

  4. My thyroid hasn't worked properly in almost 10 years. I can give you the skinny on the wonders of thyroid replacement hormone therapy... ask for Armor thyroid because the synthetic stuff never works as well. All the wisdom I got. I had the thyroid cancer scare when I was first diagnosed... because it can LOOK like Hashimotos... and the doctor did a decent job convincing me that life without a thyroid would be OK. And life without a functioning thyroid has been... well... OK. But it sucks ass... because it's not like you can rent that space out for something useful after it's cleared out. I wonder what my body is doing with the spot where my appendix was... storage maybe? My liver keeps its record collection there? Grrr. Cancer stuff sucks.