Friday, April 22, 2016


Here are my notes from that phone call:

Finding on cat scan. 
Vein that drains into liver has a clot in it.
See a hematologist. 
Portal vein. 
Blood thinner. 

This picture doesn't really belong here 
except I think it looks pretty, doesn't it?

And that's all I knew Tuesday night. But this is how this medical stuff works. Mysterious worrisome phone call/don't hear anything 'till the next day/And what you do hear is that you have to make an appointment so you don't really know anything except it's hard to sleep. 

This stuff is not for the weak. Not this part anyway. 

The next appointment was for Friday to see this hematologist and I didn't have to change any work hours or anything, so that's reasonably coolish and then all of a sudden I DID have to change my library hours because I'm going to be a new patient and she doesn't see new patients in the Maywood(read: nearby) office. It's Thursday in Burr Ridge. Do I know where that is? Mmmmnot really. 

Well, I can't go, says P.  Okay, says me. Wednesday night, I say, yeahhhhh I think you should go with me. We negotiate. I win. Yay me. 

We leave early to get there early. Someone told me never to go to the hospital early because they're always running late but not these people. We got called in 10 minutes early. Imagine that. 

In the hallway, there's a most beautiful young woman with red hair sitting behind a table and Philip has to stop and talk because that's who he is and the topic was organ transplants and Philip said he's a donor. It's on his driver's license(I think I'm one too-except for that crack about me not having any organs left to share) but anyway that woman was GLOWING. I am not kidding. And she said, thank you. I'm a heart recipient myself and we were like: WOW. That's fantastic. Honest, she was twinkling in invisible fairy dust. It was so cool.

We did not even get to touch a magazine, when we were called in. This is a new facility. Well, the building is 5 years old but this cancer section is brand new. Check out this table. 

Brand spanking new. 

Our guy-medical assistant was named John. Here was an our-aged man that was SO happy with his job. He was funny but not annoying-seriously had all the ducks in a row-offered us some actual water. TWICE! Incroyable! And after we had a moment of silence for Prince(and also noted that KISS is coming to the Illinois State Fair-altho for myself I'd prefer to see the butter cow), when I explained that I was a hard-stick? He poked around both my arms for a good vein and when he didn't feel confident? He went and found an experienced nurse. You think this stuff isn't huge but ho ho ho. Gigantorrific.

Because here's how it went with an experienced nurse: 

Three bunny tails. Yipes. 

Okay so. Here comes the gacky luv story. Brace yourselves.

This is how many tubes of blood they had to get. It's blurry because I don't know if I'm supposed to be snapping these pictures so I was rushing so as not to be captured and thrown in the morgue or the department of soiled linens or something. 

I count nine, yes?

So, while I-in the role of the pin cushion-have this poor nurse trying to get all this blood out of my arm(it was not easy and she did a great job because what we've now learned is-the more they stick ha-the harder it gets to collect the blood)our man Philip reads me the clues of the crossword. Like for a distraction. 

Next episode: How I got from here to 


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