Tuesday, May 3, 2016

It was too quiet, right? 

That's what I thought too. 

I found a book I was fully prepared to make fun of. "Help Me Live. 20 Things People with Cancer Want You To Know. When I start a book and there's a description using the word 'dappled'-as in this sentence "As I move through the dappled teal-and-purple-carpeted hallway..." book-wise I'm pretty much done. I know, it's sort of a cranky criticism but there are so many books to read, right? Oh God. Speaking of my lively literary criticism, I got this stupid book because one Saturday I HAD to have a book, you know how that is, right? So, one of my favorite favorites-she asked me how it was? And I said, it was too sharp. Like on my incision. The edge of the book. Oww. She's like....umm I've never heard that as a description of a book. 

I really haven't laughed that hard in a long time. L.V.V.L. 

I got to this bit(kinda late in the game too, right? Page 116?) 

So yeah, that felt like a relatively intelligent statement, no? And to be fair, I haven't gotten much in the way of any wacky-it's your own fault you shouldn't have worn an underwire bra-sort of nonsense advice but the cancer I had-well, I think it's not conducive to cocktail party banter sort of a thing or my people are really smart. That's probably it. Yay me. 

I got two calls this morning while I was at Job 2. One was regarding a prescription-which is making me think it may be getting close to the time where I need to change pharmacies. And call 2 was from the doctor. (Which one-you ask? I know. There's been a lot, huh.) The hematologist. 

Whenever there's a test and it's followed up by a call from the doctor, you can believe it is-all of a sudden-Very Serious Business. 

Serious enough, that after I hang up, I ring up my Dad to laugh and make jokes. It IS slightly hilarious, me telling my Dad about all my doctor junk because he counters with HIS doctor junk-along the lines of, oh yeah? You think that's bad? What about this? Like two old ladies feeding birds on a park bench. 

So all this other stuff that's happened since the plain old colon surgery decided to add itself up into something entirely different. For me? I thought this blog would be half done by now, right? 

The good news is that it-whichever type it is(and I'm not even defining it because I'm not 100% clear on it yet)-hasn't manifested itself yet-that's how on top of things my Loyola docs have been so far. The other good news is that next weeks surgery will go on as scheduled. I don't know if I can live through another person saying: If you're gonna get a can-suh, this is the one to get. 

The only severely bad thing happening right at this moment is: I realized that because I am-for sure-gonna continue to get these blood thinner injections-my sledding hill inner tubing career might be over. 



Next episode: Dialing The Employee Assistance Program. 

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