Friday, May 6, 2016

Preparing for Surgery. 

I came home after the morning gig and I took a nap on my brand new 'Salute to Prince' sheets. I'm not done thinking about Prince(are you?) and purple is a nice color to sleep on. Instead of another droopy dog bed, I got Grantley a children's  sleeping bag with blue mooses on it so the bedroom is prepared. 

An hour or so later, I wake up to hear squeals and a ball bouncing. Yup, I think, so now I'm awake and who-pray tell- are these children? This building where I live is not a real kid-friendly building or would it be more descriptive to say we never get Trick or Treaters. 


I gather my trusty k-9 and we go downstairs and I stand in the gangway until I get the attention of the teacher of this brand-new-ish Montessori after-school school that lives on our corner. Or that is trying to live on our corner. She's got three students. 

I did the, hey do you have a minute? routine but I think the most hilarious thing was the back of my hair was willy-nilly because I just woke up. I thought it added to the coo-coo bird appearance I hoped to convey. 

Do you know I've never done that before? Actually confronting a neighbor kind of person face-to-face? It is so not my style. Welllll she didn't intend to bother anyone and I questioned the wisdom of using our buildings mutual gangway as a playground(it's all cement and sharp corners and bedroom windows and one of them is mine) and she wanted to know when it was that I'd prefer it to be quiet and I felt like saying something like: hmm how about FOREVER but I said I really couldn't put a time on it but that'd I'd need it to be especially quiet next week. Sil vous plait. 

I get braver and braver by the minute, no?

So the hematologist call. It is supremely difficult to understand my doctor-not because she's anything another other than incredibly well spoken and patient and everything, but the things she talks about-I don't know what they are. It'd be like somebody calling you up to say you have Sdpieurt' Pierj'peqer Otkfhg'oierutv syndrome. 

You're like, wait, what? I just got new gym shoes.

These were the old ones. I really liked them a lot. 

So the word was: Myeloproliferative.  And what she said was, go ahead with the thyroid surgery, we'll talk about this on the 27th/Something we have to watch. And I said, I think you and I are going to be spending some time together, huh. And she said, that's okay with me, how about you? And I said, sure. 

And after I did a bit of googling, what I found was  this: and I thought Holy Mutha of Jayzuz, they're giving me SERIOUS drugs if that's gonna happen and I felt a teeny wave of incredible overwhelm-atude come over me and that's when I dialed up the Employee Assistance Program. 

(To be continued)

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