Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Things I Did Not Know-Number 234975

 When you mention you've just had surgery to the person about to touch up your roots(and you should), they tell you there are two kinds of medications that don't mix well with hair color.  Heart stuff and thyroid. 

P: Whoa that's really dark. You like that? (He had sisters. He knows to tred lightly upon the hair color topic.) 

Ehhh. I say. It takes a few days to for it to calm down. It always does. 


I was around someone who had terrible-terrible cancer(as opposed to just regular terrible cancer or just plain old cancer or the kind I've had and that's called: Walking Up the Hill Cancer*.) and she had her toes painted brown and I remember thinking, Wow. Chemicals-right on her toes. 

I remembered this again as I was driving home with my chemicalized hair. 


I ordered this book. It's the one they use for cooking lessons at Wellness House. I'll let you know. 


I thought this was a very cool article


*There's a tiny bump of a hill in front of the Cancer Center and I have insisted that we "climb" this hill (please note the giant quotation marks)every time we have to go there. 

'The grass likes it.' I say. 

'We're doing it' I say,'for the people who are unable to climb.'

Last time we went, it was not me leading the way up the little bump of a hill. 

Imagine. Someone listening to me. Always a happy surprise. 

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