Friday, May 27, 2016

Today was a big, frightening appointment with the hematologist. What we did well, was run very close to being late so there wasn't much in the way of sitting around the Cancer Center* crossing and uncrossing your legs. I think what I was pre-anticipating the arrival of a bone marrow test. Would it be a fair thing to say I don't want one of those? 

I exhibited some misbehavior with the injections. Not terrible terrible but I crapped out of a few of them-because look, they hurt and today-by the look I got from our doctor, that won't be happening again any time soon. 

Our doctor-and I say-our doctor because I am not in this alone altho I had to seriously put my foot down about the comedy because I didn't want to miss any content-even in the name of good yu-mah(Hello New Jersey)is amazingly intelligent. You know she has to slow way down in order for us to keep up-especially the vocabulary. You know there's a muscle on the back of your calves. Soleus. And I still have to call it Filet of Soleus(it's sort of shaped like a fish)to keep that word in my head. 

Here's one of her words: polycythemia. Or how about 'hematopoietic'. What is that shaped like? 

I can't say that I know exactly where everything is with me at currently. There's a few more appointments on the horizon. I got a couple of things I have to read. More thoughts to think. Stuff like that. 

I did see someone I actually know in the Cancer Center* today. I knew her from the gym at Loyola. Pretty well, actually. And our conversation was part of a mad dash to find which section I was supposed to be in and I said, hey! Are you just passing through or are you a patient?...and oh her face was so sad and yeah breast cancer for her and she said," We're not bad people. We just got bad cards."

It was at this point where I wished I had shown a propensity for balloon sculpture because I promise you, I would have hand twisted her a thousand poodles just to make her better. 


I wasn't clear about the Lemonheads. Duh=me. I'm not on Lemonhead therapy currently. Lotsa things taste weird to me lately but it's not from chemo. 

Don't tell my friend but I did stop in and see Sylvia at Ferrara Pan. I'm always happy when she says, I haven't seen you in awhile because that indicates good behavior on my end, right? 

There was this dude. CLEARLY a regular and he was watching me pick out what I wanted which were the extremely cheerful little boxes, right? And he said something about my Lemonhead habit and I was all like, ACTUALLY these happen to be very tasty for chemo patients. heh. Shut him down, didn't I?

I want them to stop calling it a Cancer Center. It's not very proactive, is it? I hate having appointments in that building. I would like if if was called The Cancer Busting Center or...The Cancer Warrior Center or The Juniper Berry Center or something like that. If anyone has a good idea-I would be overjoyed to submit it. 

More to say, more to think about, but tomorrow I am back to work. They're gonna let us make a summer reading program necklace. Wow, huh? 

 yay me. 


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