Monday, May 23, 2016

We did the only thing you can possibly do a week after having your neck successfully sliced open, we got the hell out of town. 

I dunno, ya know? A visit to the Cancer Center* is like a combination of all the fantasy principals offices you've ever been threatened with- and if you thought that was frightening. This is for all the marbles-even IF they didn't make you wait in the waiting room at all and even IF they whisk you into the exact same room you were in last time you had to visit the cancer wizard and even IF it's the very nice timid resident who takes off your decorative-yet functional-steri-strip configuration and it doesn't even hurt at all. 

Everything was absolutely cool. The nodes were behaving. The incision looked good. There's all kinds of new instructions-like mandatory sunscreen unless you want a brown worm crossing your neck for all of eternity and Vitamin E oil massage to the area to promote healing and general happiness and a daily pill that needs an hour of uninterrupted alone time in your stomach and a new member of the still burgeoning Team ARF in the form of an endocrinologist and no heavy lifting for two weeks.

We ran.

I wanted to re-see the town that Grant Wood painted. 


Well, we couldn't find that spot again, but I DID get to stand in the exact same light where he had his easel in his home and studio which absolutely knocked my socks off. POW. 

And I heard some cool stories-I mean Really Cool Stories about funny things he did and how he got bumped out of teaching at University of Iowa by a big jerk and I got to see his solution to his mother wanting a bathtub and he wanting a shower and if you are similarly enamored by this work, you should probably try and get there yourself. Socks optional. 

This week, I have to make some appointments and I'm hoping to build up my strength. I noticed I was kinda dragging more than I'd like-so it's a bit of falling back and regrouping and foolishness. Lots more foolishness.  

The next visit to the hematologist is on Friday.  I'm going to be compartmentalizing that whole thing which means not thinking about it at all. Coping skill. : )

*You should have seen the gigantic cancer center we saw in Iowa. Yipes. This worries me. 

**True confessions. The panoramic picture is not Iowa but this one is:

You're welcome. 

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