Saturday, June 25, 2016

17 trips to the bathroom

4 vials of blood drawn

1 big argument

5 dollars worth of watermelon

1 nice surprise

1 uncool disappointment

1 Friday killing doctors appointment in the lower level of the cancer center

6 upcoming doctors appointments scheduled

390 page(good)book finished while lying on my stomach for the first time in almost a year lying on my stomach finishing a(good) book

20 milligrams Xarelto prescription down from 30

5 library books to return

24 17 minutes till I have to go to work


P is a recycler supreme(understatement).

I got 2 shots a day for a while there and we were kinda left wondering what we were supposed to do with the needles. Not the sort of a thing you want in your dumpster, right? Altho the one in this photo was just floating around the neighborhood and ended up by my car as opposed to my dog's foot or something. 

I think he tried 4 places or maybe 6-I can't remember. Which was the dumbest one-let me think. I think it was one city service department that told us to come and get some stickers to attach to a laundry soap bottle and THEN we were supposed to put THAT in the dumpster. Like if the jug ended up in a landfill where the rats were all named Templeton who had a spider to interpret-everything would be okay. 

Another medical facility he visited had no idea and said they'd call back and They Never Did. 

The pharmacy didn't want them back.

A little ridiculous, no? Here they are making their way to the hospital where they would be included in the hospital's collection of unhappy sharps. 

You say you want a revolution.


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