Thursday, June 9, 2016

I was massaging last night and the lady wanted to talk which is Fine By Me-altho I've really become adept-if I do say so myself-at not saying a word-I mean like: absolutely nothing. 

I'm not supposed to say nothing. I'm supposed to "check in regularly" (better like this or better like this or better like this?) but uggh, it ruins the entire vibe so I try and tell them up front to go ahead and speak freely but-for me-I don't think endless "howz the presha?" questions are at all relaxing and they either get it or they don't. (I think I-for sure-lose points with the Secret Shoppers. How many people my age get Secretly Shopped, I wonder. Cripes.) When I'm completely silent, I can coax the bolster out from under their ankles by sliding my hand under their calf and lifting just a tiny bit. They get it. 

The discussion topic last night was: What Is Wrong With People These Days? 

I always have to speak carefully as my existence depends on tippage-so I let them take the lead and then I agree or make the appropriate 'un-huh?' noises or a lot of times quote my Mother-she being of the generation born just past the Deeeeeepression. I gotta lotta nuggets to work with-believe me. And if they happen to say something really awful(and sometimes they do), I respond with,"Is that right?" and then go silent again. 

Last night, we got to the topic of the Target bathrooms-I was at the height of my comedic routine where I say: Why don't people just go to the bathroom at home if it's such a terrible problem?!?! And the woman said," Oh. Well, those bathrooms are for, you know like those people who've had colon cancer and things like that."

HA! I was howling laughing inside. I'm the keeper of the Target Bathrooms? Me? I could not imagine anything more fantastic than being able to shut that entire ridiculous "Look out! The Transgenders are coming for our children!!!!" conversation down once and for all. 

If only. But I kept my mouth shut. Because I knead the dough. : ) 


Extra super double tired tonight. At my library gig, we divide the job by three. Two parts of which are standing and one is sitting. This week in an Incredibly Bold Move, I determined that I no longer need to hog the center time period. Everyone I work with has been SO generous in making sure I am okay and now it's time to start pushing a little harder. Yay them and yay me. 

On my way in every morning I get to make this decision: 

And I try try try and to use the door on the right. Baby steps, huh?


I am on Page 70 of this book and it is, quite frankly, kicking my ass with his exquisite writing, giant insights and *gasp* impending doom. 

If you need something to read. 


More l8r. 

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