Monday, June 13, 2016

True Story

You know this commercial, right? I'm always joking that all of a sudden I have this crazy urge to go golfing like my boys Arnie and Chris and Kevin and the race car driver guy because I take this stuff now. 

My Mah used to actually admonish me that my failure to learn golf would make my chances at meeting a suitable suitor extra small and thankfully she was wrong about that too. 

We watch a lot of Channel 38 around here. We get 2, 5, 9, several variations on 11 and then blah blah blah 38. On 38, you get a whole buncha episodes of something in a row. Blue Bloods, Law-n-norder, and that creepy one-where they call people 'The Un-sub'. 

Criminal Minds. 

We were watching whatever the ones are on Saturday night and what comes on but this


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