Friday, July 8, 2016

The condo is tight. Two humans and a dog and even SHE'S got 2 beds so you're getting the picture here, yes?

When we sneak away for little adventures-being very careful to get out of the car and seriously stroll around like our friend Patty instructed us to do cuzza the blood thinners and stuff, we stay in Red Roof Inns. 

They are cheap-ish, newly-remodeled and allow dogs. And one more thing. They have these huge mirrors. Like I do not have at home. I need to get one eventually. I mean a really good one and then I need the space to be able to back up enough to see my whole self because on this journey-I think I was headed toward the shower and WHOA.

I mean like WHOA

I hadn't had a really clear shot of the after effects of the past 11 months. It was like waking up to find you had the Mark of Zorro across your entire self. 

whoa, ya know?  


Came back to a terse message from Surgeon One. (I forgot his code name. O well.) I knew I had fallen off the maintenance wagon in terms of the colon cancer stuff which is why I sent him an e but it seems as if I am actually due for my hideous six month check in thing which is 4 months late(see cancer-thyroid). 

I am NOT looking forward to it as I believe it involves the offer of an in-office (what's a nicer word than) enema (asstraction?) administered by the nurse. When he mentioned it, was when I turned bright red and mumbled out furiously angry words to the effect of: 

Have I not
been through
enough already

But I guess it's just the name of the game. 

I guess. 

The end game. As it were. 


Saw a friend last night who I like very much and hadn't seen for a year. July is when this whole thing began so she didn't know a thing about it. On our way out of the a-hem, dining experience(Chili's. Uggh.) she said over and over how sorry she was that all this s!@# had happened to me and I kept saying, no/no/no/no/no.  It's okay. I'm not dead. 

And then we cracked up laughing because that is what we do. 


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