Sunday, July 31, 2016

We are doing GISHWHES-which seems sort of ill-advised, no? Right in the middle of all this madness? 

I found out about it from Jessica who used to work at the library. She took the risk, and I was thinking and thinking and got up to: maybe next year. This year-I'll Just Watch. 

And then I remembered cancer and how nobody is guaranteed a next year(duh), so I asked my art school pals and two came through-which is so exciting and they brought their people, which is even more exciting and since we couldn't possibly pull a whole team together that quickly, we went with the option of joining our team with another partial team floating across the globe. They are from Austria. They're young. And perfectly coo-coo for cocoa puffs. 

I happened to be the first one to get to pick. I got so excited, ya know? So, I probably picked too many things to do-just out of being too excited. (Don't forget I've spent the majority of the last five years in a sensory deprivation tank listening to people tell me not to be afraid to 'really dig in-if I find a knot' like I'm some sort of puppy working for a milk bone let loose in their backyard of angst. #Don'tgetmestarted/Toolate.)

Anyway, it got us out and hunting down artichokes and rubber stamps and sidewalk chalk and just for the tiniest moment-when we were talking about what to put in these phony parking ticket envelopes we're talking about distributing at the lot at the Cancer Center(it's that or the VA-we're down with both of those places.) and we were talking about how, if you found some sort of food-like Lemonheads-on your windshield how you might just automatically throw those away and we thought, how about a five dollar bill-to cover those five people's parking fee for the day-where I felt that kinda magical fairy dust twinkly be kind to others sort of a thing and that's the real name of the game. 

Here's the website. For next year.

Lawd willin'. 

Friday also brought an appointment with a(I think) rheumatologist. It was a ridiculous wait to get the appointment. Like three months or something. 

This is what's known as The First Appointment of The Day. 

It was a 'cross the T's/dot the i's/leave no stone unturned' decision by the Blood Lady(the hematologist), but I kinda knew I didn't have any of the items on the rheumatology menu so when they asked me to say-in my own words-why I thought I was there-I was like, ummm I am not really sure. 

And after a brief exam, they said I should get a blood test just to rule everything out and for the first time in my Loyola career, I didn't go straight downstairs to get it. 

It's on my list. At the bottom. 

I seemed glib in my last post, right?(<---understatement) Mammograms can be frightening things. Plus they are uncomfortable-altho I always laugh when a medical professional picks up my bosom. It's just that weird, ya know? 

But that has been my go-to mammogram stand-up routine for as long as I can remember. I say to the tech-what if the power goes out? Like that would NEVER happen(ha ha ha) but it actually did. And the answer is: there exists a hand crank to get you off the platter. I suppose the difficult thing would be to try not to panic. Oy. Let's not even think about that. 

Thank you. 

I had an excellent tech. She looked just like my Facebook friend/note-worthy chef Renee and she was funny and sympathetic and nearly apologetic and she RAN to push the button while I was holding my breath and not moving-which was exceptionally cool and my advice to you is to just give in to that whole process and keep breathing until they tell you to stop. That's all you really have-at that moment, right? That and a droopy fuchsia gown. 

They'll have the results in 3 days or 10 days and of course I'm sort of back-burneredly worried but I am supposed to be re-writing The Constitution right now into common language, so ya know, wish me luck if you've got some extra lying around. 



  1. I can't wait to see your GISHWHES' entries!So far I've only been able to update my Avatar. I am so completely over my head...I don't think there is ever a good time to add 173 additional, sometimes nonsensical challenges to your life! ;-)

    1. We did The Constitution(Sort of Elmwood and South Blvd?)and some dude pulled up and yelled: CONSTITUTION HAS A 'U' IN IT!

      So funny.
      : )

      Thanks for setting a good example!