Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Before I forget: The surgery is tomorrow(Wednesday).

They're telling me to be there at 9:00. (How civilized.) I think that means I'll probably get knocked out at 10:30-ish but that's just based on my imagination. Like many other things. 

I can eat till midnight and drink water or apple juice till 7:00 am. 

I'm supposed to be in there for 2 days. Does that count the surgery day as Day One asks P? I dunno. It's Two Days Hospital Time. I'm not asking. 

I had my final fitness assessment this morning. Do you know, it's not often I feel like someone is being patronizing so I can't even say if that's what this was, but something felt that little bit ick about what I thought had been a pretty kick ass-self driven-experience so I wasn't skipping when I left. 

P said, I wouldn't let that pop your balloon. So I didn't. 

 Instead of getting a fabulous 'survivor' t-shirt, they printed me this nice piece of paper. Of course, I had to adjust it on it's way to the recycling can because this is my lot in life. 
: )

Around about 1:30 this afternoon, my insurance company (Land of Lincoln)that is set to explode on September 30 accepted me back into their fold until the end of September-where I had been banished(without my consent)to Blue Cross/Blue Shield who is going to charge me around about 120 additional dollars per month AND make me pay a new deductible that's good for 3 months. 

It is so much bullshit I'm not going to even apologize for swearing. 

We have met the enemy and he is us. 


I got to experience a luv gauntlet at the library on my way out the door on Monday. One co-worker even filled me in on her hernia surgery-I think she said,"It was more painful than I imagined." and I really appreciated the gift(no, really I do.)of sharing the information. I'd rather expect the worst, right? And not everyone knows of my deep 'librarian as rock star' theology but you know that feeling of recognition when you're among your own people. Like traveling in a box of light bulbs. Or something. 

On the other hand, I left the other job Monday and said, 'Okay I'll see ya in a month!' and the response was 'You're not here on Wednesday?' and I was thinking: Well, okay-if you don't mind my ass sticking out the back of my gown. 

Thanks for all your t's, p's and mo-jo. See you soon. 

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