Friday, August 5, 2016

I worked pretty hard this morning. I will never understand why people want massages when it's this hot. It took me to the third one till my entire head wasn't completely sloshing with sweat. I think you have to acclimate to the room or something. 

We had three GISHWHES planned or we were going to run to Michigan City, Indiana for my surfing excursion. Do you know it's taken me like..let me think...the cooperation of at least five people to allow me to negotiate this journey? Seems a little crazy, no? I certainly qualify as a grown-up by now, don't I?

We went with the GISHWHES which brought us to a cemetery, an animal shelter and to a public park. It doesn't sound like much but it was a whole lotta running. Tomorrow is the last day of GISHWHES. 

We did good. 

The other good thing about keeping that busy was there was no staring at the phone. I mean like none. 

So, we got to about 4:00 when we had stopped for lunch and then the phone rang and it was the mammo tech and the new story is that The Actual Doctor who reads the files will be back on Tuesday from vacation. 

Here's me: uhhhh huh.

And she's going to begin reading all of her files on Tuesday. 

And I do the thing like: So. If. I. Do. Not. Hear. From. Her. By...? Wednesday? Thursday? 

Yes I do not hear from her by Thursday, I can feel free to call.

P keeps bringing up a category of hospital person called a Patient Advocate. I think it's time for one of those. 


My insurance continues to implode. There's a tiny Facebook group that ebbs and flows into hysteria about this topic. I wonder if Land O' Lincoln covers that. 

Thanks for all your kind thoughts and delightful mojo and cheerful dispositions. Now take the rest of the weekend off. 

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