Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Last night I bashed my head-you ever do that? I had SUCH a successful day. I got the bowel prep to stop-no small feat-and noteworthy for those who're booking their first one now.  You might need some time to stop the train-as it were-the next day. 

Took a nap. Cleaned up where that cup full of bubble blowing juice got knocked over everything. You knew it was a bad idea when you saw there was no lid, right? Even went to the gym after being yanked from a nap. That should make me eligible for some sorta extra points, no? Got home. Fetched some groceries. Bent over downstairs to pick up a Trader Joe's Frequent Flyer newspaper ad thing and POW. I smashed the back of my head into the bottom of the row of mailboxes. I mean like WHAM. 

Why do I bring this up? Do you think it might be a metaphor for this entire experience? You do your things. You do ALL your things and KABLOOIE-out of nowhere-POW. 

There. That should help. 

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