Thursday, September 29, 2016

A Moment with P

A: What kinda test was that? 

P: Test for what?

A: That you had at Loyola. 

P: I just had the brochure and I put it in the recycling bag. Prostate. You want the brochure?

A: Naaah. 

Okay so, I found the hand-out about free prostate screenings at Loyola. Did I find that at the cancer center?

P: Was that in the mail or did you pick it up over there?

A: So, that's a pretty brave thing to do. Get your prostate checked. Right? We have to change this mentality of getting your health stuff fixed being interpreted as bad luck. To get tested is brave. To get something repaired is brave. End of story.

P: It included a little bit of paperwork to fill out. It was all free-which was nice.  I was in and out of there within 20 minutes. Or they were in and out of me within 20 minutes. (Laughs.) The actual exam was like a minute. 

A: You're talking too fast. What about the light refreshments? 

P:  Oh yeah, afterwards. I was directed to a room for beverages and cookies. 

A: What were the beverages?

P: Coffee, soft drinks and water. 

A; What kinda cookies? 

P: Those M&M chocolate chip cookies and butter cookies too.

A: Okay so you go in, right? And then what?

P: I drove. So it was free parking. Beautiful Wednesday, late afternoon around 6:00 PM. Walked in. Warmly greeted. No waiting. Paperwork. Then I was directed for a PSA blood draw by a humorous phlebotomist. That took a minute. 

A: Okay

P: Then I walked out, I was directed to go into a room-escorted by the proctologist-for my eventual digital rectal exam-which I passed. 

A: Uh-huh. When was the last time you were tested? 

P: Several years ago.

A: What motivated you to go now? 

P: You. Ann-no-e. Enlightened me about this free exam. 

A: Because you get your health care from the VA, right?

P: Which can be good and it can be hmmmmmmm.

A: Well, way to go because now you know, right? I'm going to switch gears here. You ready?

P: Uh-huh.

A: Lets talk about caregiving. It's exhausting, isn't it? 

P: It has it's moments.

A: What does that mean? 

P: (distracted by an old Jewel receipt.)

A: Do you think I'm extra cranky today? 

P: Do you? 

A: Ferocious. 

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