Thursday, September 8, 2016

Apres Hernia Repair Libation
(formerly Grandma Mitzi's Late 1960's kiddie cocktail)

2 small scoops orange sherbet(Can substitute rainbow)
ginger ale

Scoop two smallish scoops of orange sherbet into a cocktail glass. Cover slowly with ginger ale. Serve with spoon for sherbet retrieval. Sip slowly. Savor the icy bits. Return slowly to the land of the living. 


Ya know I knew at some point, I'd be completely alone in the universe. You know, some day that might happen, right? But I figured, by then-I'd have the means to take in an elephant or two and do elephant zumba on a red rug and everything would be okay. Generally speaking. 

I wasn't actually prepared to experience Three Major Surgeries, in one year without benefit of some representative from my family of origin. My Mah-well, if I said she was uncomfortable in hospital situations that would be an understatement and a half-o-rama. 

As far as I can figure it-she came from the top third of a family with ten brothers and sisters and any illness or disease or injury that refused to bounce back by virtue of a bowl of Cheese Soup(Which is our familial go-to when you're circling the drain-also called Macaroni Soup. I'll get my cousin Quee's version so we can all keep it on our back burners. Gawd fah-bid we need it anytime soon.)represented serious financial loss and personal blame/shortcomings, so if you knew anything(and I did), you knew enough not to get hurt or really sick or she'd give you something to cry about. 

But she is gone and I digress. 

I read somewhere-the reason certain people don't show up for ya. They find the the thought of the whole thing just too terrifying. Better they leave you in the hands of sympathetic eyed strangers who sadly watch you retch into a grey plastic tub for three days than risk their own personal discomfort by simply showing up. 

The good news. I seem to have attracted some of the highest quality humans who currently stroll the planet. I really did. 

And there's still plenty of time to find my own permanent elephant or possibly even a herd. 


My first meal at home came courtesy of MAYJAYNEMILLA(I don't know why I insist on calling her that. She's one of those people who exudes happiness. She's got like a kick to her spirit that few people can resist. 

It was a piece of very very very bumpy toast-lotsa good healthy junk in there with a fat slice of grown-in somebodies yard tomato that tastes like the sun and a sprinkling of grated parmesan. 

I ate it slowly while I looked out the window. Fantastic. 

Then this arrived:

 Whoa, huh? Is it a painting? Is it lunch? Followed by this: 

Delivered with the intention of becoming a post-hospital bouquet. wOw. Genius. 

(And there's even a third part that didn't make it to the camera yet.)

I am telling you friends, after that many days squished into the corner of what they call a 'semi-private room'-being poked every two hours around the clock...
This is what it looks like when a machine takes your blood pressure 
for 4 days. More and more? I like people. 

Just the IDEA that one Ms. Stephanie Kirchner of the Oak Park Public Library knew this would pull me back into the direction of life. So cool. So cool. so cool. 

Tomorrow, I'll tell you about the surgery. I really wanted to get everything down on cyber-paper right away, but there was that one small problem of being able to sit in a chair for any length of time and the moaning. Who could type with all that annoying moaning going on? : )

Today's goal: Go down the stairs and come back up. Also the addition of underwear to my current ensemble. So far so good. 


  1. Glad to see you back, with your humor intact lovely lady! Sending happy thoughts your way :-)

  2. Glad to see you back, with your humor intact lovely lady! Sending happy thoughts your way :-)

  3. Thank You EA. IF I said I was glad to be here it'd be a massive understatement.
    : )