Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Shaking my head. 


You are probably not aware that there are regular single song festivals that go on in my house. Are ya? Yeah I didn't think so. We regularly jam to Top Hits of the 60's and 70's. Loud. One of our best ones is Monday Monday but we'll sing anything if we know at least 75% of the words. So, I'm leaving the library on Saturday feeling pretty good and I pass this. 

Here I am performing a very illegal driving maneuver to get this shot. 
You're welcome. 

And I thought yeah, dammit. 

But things are never that simple(are they?) and on Sunday, when I got around to opening my mail(not that fun when you're escaping Cancer town) there was a letter from Blue Cross-Blue Shield of Illinois telling me that because they did not get my payment in by the deadline, my application could no longer be accepted this year and my 'next step' was to return to the Marketplace if I still needed coverage. 

In the second envelope was a bill from that last trip to urgent care. Total charges $918.00. (Coudda been worse. Could have followed the doctors orders with trip to the emergency room, right?) 

And I just thought, how in the hell am I ever going to be able to even BEGIN to get these things paid. I got more and more agitated by the hour because if you're me, that is what you do and finally I posted on BSBC-ILL's Facebook page and ya know, who doesn't enjoy airing their laundry with the entire universe, right? (Not me of course. I love it.) But I wanted things in writing. Documented. 

They contacted me late morning on Monday and I've had to produce a screen shot of my cancelled check because they can't figure out where they put it. Nice. 

I told the woman I was dealing with that I hoped they understood just how upsetting this was and that they shouldn't forget that these are people they're dealing with. Not numbers and applications. And then I told her again because I am just that furious and tired of this nonsense. 

She didn't get back to me today. I'm sure they're probably standing knee deep in a dumpster with flashlights trying to locate my check as we speak.

Care Taking

There is caregiving and then there's care taking and sometimes what that feels like, is that you've lent someone the keys to your car only to return to find the radio station changed and the seat feels weird and the mirrors are wrong and there's an air freshener that smells like someone you've never met hanging off the dash. 

While you find yourself deeply in debt (indebted?)to the person that kept you alive and they most certainly did, the reentry into the earth's atmosphere is not without a certain amount of turbulence. 

We have that happening here. 

I'm okay with it actually. I'm not cool with resentment and snarky sniping. We're gonna try and fix this and the first step is...

We became members of Gilda's Club. Yippee! We went today. We had a tour and got to talk about the resources that are available AND free parking. 

Ironically, I got to do quite a bit of volunteer work with my Creative Thinking students and a couple of super cool faculty people from the American Academy of Art a few years back and the last time I went to Gilda's Club, it was with the National Cartoonist Society dudes and we were drawing on greeting cards with horrible colored pencils. When I get feeling better better better, I want to do that again. Better pencils tho. That's fer sher. 

When it was my turn to wait for P to come out of the individual consultation, a man walked by pushing a woman in a wheelchair and he was SO kind to her and respectful. He said something like, I'm going to wait here with you, if that's okay with you. And I thought jesusgod what DO I have to complain about.

There's a value in that too.

On the way home, we stopped to talk to the adoptees at The Anti-Cruelty Society and then we noticed the streets of Chicago smelled like a warm brownie so since P had never been, we popped in at Blommer's and bought some pecans. Okay Praline Pecans. 



I seem to have a cold. I'm going to try not to complain. 

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