Monday, October 10, 2016

Where Are My Pants? 

I'm going back to work today. Just one shift. Just four hours. If something goes really wrong, I can be home in less than 10 minutes. Later I can rest. 

If I had a hammock with one end tied to a money tree(or a palm tree), I'd give it another week (or two if I wanted to actually look good upon reentry) but my checkbook gently weeps so I'm going back. Looking good doesn't really matter at this point, does it? Pants matter. 

My multitude of employers have been more than patient but enough's enough. I have blue Gatorade, I had saltines for breakfast, I'm bring apples physician repellants for sharing. 


The Creatures Are Back

And the truth is, they never left. And the real truth is, that's what I did when I was alone in all these yuck town hospital situations. I waited just to see who(or what)might be waiting with me. I saw all kinds of things but I didn't have my phone so I didn't get their photos but that's okay. 

There's always more bathing hippos. Lawd willin'. 


Work was fine. Okay, better than fine-the sleeping through the night/waking up on time in the morning part needs to be ironed out but it was so good to see the smiling faces of my co-workers. There's some really wonderful people at the library. <---understatement/duh. 

Another cool thing. There were some people who had monster colds and they didn't come in. Whoa, you don't know how appreciative I am of that kind of behavior. Or maybe you do cuz you know I'm not all loosey-goosey with my infrequent use of bold text. Perish the thought. 

TIP: I think it would have been smarter to give a return date that had a little more time at the end of it. Then-if everything had been perfect-I could have bounced straight back in. I feel like these are people I do not want to inconvenience beyond what I had to and I should have exhibited the bravery to add some days to what I thought would happen. 

The whole thing's just kind of frightening at the time you have to announce your disappearance so if you don't do that-you're forgiven. It'd just be easier on everybody if the return date given was a bit further away. 

I had to consult my pal who's currently arm wrasseling cancer about one of the medications we both had. She gave me some fantastic advice. I am forever in her debt. I was able to renegotiate the pain killers, play around with the timing of the other medications and possibly maybe so far so good, I feel a lot better. 

I have another friend with a lot of historical yuck in the department of intestiveville. Her contributions were invaluable. 

It's been really weird putting all this personal goo on the internet? But I am telling you, on the days I needed support-I got it and on the days I needed advice-that was there too. 

It's good to be able to speak to someone who comprehends the journey the train wreck-if you will and you certainly don't have to. 

: )

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