Thursday, October 13, 2016

Yet Another Thing I Didn't Know. 

I had no idea that I'd be negotiating longer-term, post-surgical, physical leftovers This Many Months after getting all this stuff done. I'm home today, because I haven't gotten to a comfortable ~~~~~place~~~~~ in the department of elimination. 


If I told you I went to Taco Bell last night and got myself a bean burrito, could you slide that into your manila envelope marked: 'nuff said? 

I knew you could. 



A couple of Sundays ago, when I was feeling hopeful, we went to the Dollar Store. I had experienced exactly NO mental stimulation for weeks before that-sometimes I just have to go over to the Goodwill and look at things to clear my head. Same for you? 

So there was a woman at the Dollar Store and-well, here. A quick scribble. 

She had, not one, but two neon pink extensions in her hair. She had a giant bag with a giant pink ribbon as part of the design. She had several pairs of pink readers. Some very cheap pink ribbon scarves. All kinds of pink stationary items. 

At Ulta-where I stopped for shampoo, I saw the proudest of mothers talking about her three grade-school daughters who reminded her that October is breast cancer month and they needed to go over to Ulta and each get their $10 pink hair extension installed. (I'm thinkin to myself, whoa-that's thirty bucks. How do people afford children?)I can't even responsibly swing the cost of a Barbie right now.  

And the pink things on the NFL players. Have you noticed just how quickly they sweep the injured players off the field now? They seem to like them to hop to the side of the field and give the 'thumbs up' but if there's serious-serious trouble? It's straight to commercial. Here lads, won't you enjoy some nice pink wrist bands on your way to take the concussion test? 

And I was trying to think about how long October has been pink and wondering if any of that merchandise has made a bit of difference to the universe-unless wrapping yourself in pink gives someone comfort, when I saw my first pink mop-it was all over for me. 

The colon cancer people want to hop on the bandwagon by encouraging people to turn their Facebook profile photos blue but I'm hoping people just exercise their own common sense. Duh. 

I filled out the form for Gilda's Club Chicago. I wasn't all-in at Wellness House. Those are not my people anymore. And-I didn't know-Gilda's Club has free parking. 


I found this photo when I was sorting art on my desktop. This is the day that P and Grantley and I-on a complete and total unprepared whim decided to do the 3-Dune Challenge in the Indiana Dunes. 

How do you explain to a corgi that there's going to be three dunes all together and that running in circles like a coocoo bird 
3/4ths of the way up the first dune is probably not such a good idea. 

It was three months before the cancer train pulled into my station. I include this photo, because I felt pretty fantastic that day and completely did not see this coming. 

I am cleaning the sickness out of my house. Okay it's not a house. Okay it's not a sort of a tangible kind of thing-this variation of 'sickness', but I can feel it and if I am to ever move forward, it has got to go. Like that teal green basin thing that's been patiently waiting under my side of the bed-that needs to live someplace else. And I really don't need a half a pack of gauze on the nightstand, right? I haven't felt well enough to take this project on until today, but you can't have 'Get Well Soon' cards peaceably coexisting with neon green super fantastic gym shoes of joy. It just doesn't work. 

Hmm I wonder what I will blog about after this. Something to think about while I swif. 

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