Monday, November 7, 2016

I got my hair cut, right?  

I mentioned to the stylist that I'd had some surgeries because they say that the surgery drugs trash your hair. Somebody told me thyroid drugs do something to you, where hair color won't stick. Horrors! My hair was in pretty bad shape-I knew that-but she started running her hands through my hair and saying: I can FEEL the medicine. 

In the words of Judge Judy: Don't pee on my leg and tell me it's raining. 

And then she said my hair felt 'waxy' and listen fellows, for the past year I've continued to splurge on the (well, okay not actually THE) fanciest of shampoos-so if I'm waxy, I've been sold a bill of goods all the way around. (I don't exactly know what it means to be 'sold a bill of goods'. I know my Dad would say it and that it was something that was Not Very Good.)

I just read an article that said Whole Foods carries some supercallafragilistic shampoo for less than 10 bucks a bottle and that's what I'll be buying next, but please remind me to ask my doctor if it's possible for a hair person to 'feel' medicine within someone's hair because like the suggested $40 keratin treatment-I'm not buying it. 


Massage client who does physical therapy on teeny babies(Isn't that cool?) told me-the only fitness class that fit into her schedule was Chair Yoga and she said it was 'mostly old people' in the class but that she used it ALL THE TIME when she was sitting at her desk. 

Yikes I never would have connected those two things. Brilliant genius, huh. 


The woman at Gilda's Club gave me a little booklet with cancer resources and she actually circled this one called: No Wooden Nickels. Provides valuable indirect expense to low-income cancer patients to continue treatment. 888-842-2654.

But ya have to be in active treatment and I am not-so if you know anybody that might qualify-pass this along, won't you?

Hand Outs, Hand Up

I got through to the food pantry benefits woman, at long last. You knew it could go either way, right? She could be very mean or very not mean and lo and behold she was so nice. Felt very fortunate right off the bat. 

I walked over there thinking of my pretend sister Benita-who in some other one of my previous crazy life circumstances-told me I  had nothing to lose and OF course, when I was offered a book-this time instead of being a giant defensive jerk(Me? Oh yes!)-I thought, okay let's take a look at these books-this was the first book I found.

Then, ha HA! A George and Martha. Accch, it was so good. And yeah, it had been redecorated by a kindergartner with a ballpoint pen here and there but that didn't bother me a bit. 

I also found a Very Hungry Caterpillar but I left that for someone else because I am not a selfish melfish. No sireee Bob. 

I brought papers. She ran numbers. We'll see what happens. But it was far less painful than I'd made it out to be in my head AND, ya know, from my current perspective-if you don't obsess about it, it's pretty easy to forget the level of demolishment that went down this year and for me, I'm taking this part of the whole experience and thinking about it-not as a hand out, but more like if someone asked who needed help and you were to raise your hand. 

You get there however you can, right? 

Speaking of weed, I asked one of my groovy co-workers(You can fear the millennials or you can ask them-very politely-for assistance.) for the name of a good vegetarian cookbook and she was somewhat mortified to recommend this one. 

I thought that was so funny. 

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