Saturday, December 31, 2016

I had to call for the colonoscopy results because it seemed like it was taking an awfully long time, wasn't it? There was a message on my phone but I didn't play it until the next day because I have to be ready, ya know what I mean? 

There was no cancer(yay) but there was, however, a however. 


It's not a crisis but it's not the celebration I had in mind exactly. 

Tonight we're going to eat 12 grapes and some round food, We'll burn a wish and drink it, throw water off the back porch, drop ice cream for Grantley to lick, break a dish and bang some toast against the wall because we are not taking any chances. 

Tomorrow is sauerkraut and some sort of black eyed pea goosh(not the goosh of my family in Texas but something pea-filled)and then we'll go on special assignment sent directly from the far off state of New York. 

There will be photos. Stay tuned. 

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