Sunday, February 12, 2017

Prospective Valentines

For Valentine's Day, I had my phone set for midnight. I was going to wake up and try and score two tickets to the Chicagoland Pizza Summit. For $35 bucks you'd receive all- you-can-eat pizza, 5 beers and some sort of commemorative plate and didn't I used to do crazy things like that all the time? Oh yes. I did. 

But against my better judgement, I decided to pre-discuss the idea with P and we hashed it out and came to the unfortunate conclusion that A) We're not really drinking-I mean I'm not and he might have one beer on alternative Thursdays in Leap Years and B) my stomach-in it's current incarnation-can't really manage thirty-five dollars worth of pizza or even really half of a six dollar Home Run Inn. 

I remember once watching two friends-one had gastric bypass surgery and the other had the sleeve and they were surrounded by The Most Delicious Pizza and they nearly had tears in their eye-they just couldn't do it. 

I guess we'll have to find something else. 

Too bad there's not an entire universe of choices out there, huh. 

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