Friday, March 10, 2017

Here's what happened. 

A recommendation for Imodium, nearly bawling in the Apple Store and a picture of this: 

Photo by Christine Tripp

When last I left you, I was having big trouble in the Department of Digestion and my insurance reorganized itself enough to allow a visit to my Primary Care when I brought my usual laundry list. I think he likes when I laundry list him because we just get down to business very quickly and cruise through my list and I'm imagining it's like being on a Medical game show for him because I have these rapid fire questions.

The surgeon-after having been consulted by Primary Care- suggested Imodium. Which was sort of a good thing because it meant there wasn't anything specifically busted-so to speak and sorta of a gigantic bummer because I take enough stuff and I felt like, ugh, ya know? Not another pillllllll. (Read that in a whiney voice, won't you? Thanks.) 

Then somehow, my beloved friend Christine Tripp from Deepest Canada posts something on Facebook about a commercial she sees where it's some douchebag who is experiencing some sort of intestinal distress and he takes some some of magical TeeVee pill and at the end of the commercial he goes directly back to eating at the trough of the food that got him into trouble in the first place. 

She says it wasn't this commercial but you get the idea. 
The Sweet Taste of Victory

And then she posts this:

And I say, hey what is that? And ya know, it was all sort of 'off we go' since then. 

I made this stuff

And then I e'ed Chris and I said, okay what are we making next? And she said, the chicken soup. And I thought, oh god. I'm not really crazy about chicken soup. Like water with a greasy bomb of a bird, a couple of carrots and some noodles and ugh just the smell of it when you take off the lid. Ya know what I mean?

Oh this was not that. 

It was like we all wanted to lick the spoon it was so good. Mysterious good. Like how did it seem to be creamy and what was that flavor exactly? We ate every bite-no kidding. And I? Well my intestines got a whole lot happier. Fast. 

Right now I'm steeping ginger for tomorrows breakfast Ginger Chai. And I've got the stuff for the berry muffin and the whipped sweet potatoes and the roast beef roll up things and the bone broth. We just have to get organized enough for the making of the bone broth. 

This is all new to me and I'm just dipping my toe in and seeing what happens, but so far? To be completely honest there's been four trips to different grocery stores in as many days and then there's the actual cooking-which is no big deal but I feel like I'm adding value to my existence as opposed to stripping A&W Root Beer Pop-Tarts* away. 

Here's the website if you're interested. 


We went new phone gathering in glorious Oak Brook. The sky was the color of some sort of stunning blue crayon that is instantly your favorite and gets worn way faster than any of the others. They asked how they could help and I said, "Baby's first iPhone" and this time-I got to play the role of the caregiver in that-I smashed my lips shut so as to permit the transaction to happen at the speed in which he needed to take it all in. 

We worked with a lovely kid who's nickname is 'Mustard'. The only things I asked was if the phone would be unlocked and was if there was a charge for the instructional classes and we all turned our heads to look at a table full of seniors leaning to crank on their various devices and I was looking around at all the different people and after a good bit, we got to the end of the transaction and we all shook hands and I said, "This is a very big deal." and Mustard said, "It's a good day." And I'm looking at this floor to sky window drowning in sunlight and that color blue and my eyes just completely welled up. 

It's been a very long ride, hasn't it. 

*No I don't eat those. My cousin and I are wondering who does.


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  1. Oh Ann, you are the Amazingist-ist-ist!!!!
    I think you may soon need another blog and name it "Be positive and COOK!":)
    And that heartburn commercial you linked to... while not one I had seen, it's the PERFECT example of what I was referring to!