Thursday, April 13, 2017

So. Did I go home and eat an entire cake? First a story. 

Okay so. I go to this water aerobics class, right? And now, I'm older and wiser and before the class, I go up to the instructor and introduce myself. No big thang. Just being polite. Or whatever. 

She's a funny person so she smiles as she points at her left foot and says she's broken something in her foot so she won't be joining us in the water. Ooh says me. Okay. 

So the class starts and there's all that jaboinking around in the water. This class was actually hard-core and way later I found that it completely kicked my ass (no, really) but I digress. We're almost at the end of the class and she distributes noodles and she instructs me(because everyone else was a regular)that I should sit on the noodle with more of it behind me than in front of me and then use the barbells-one in each hand, and then I'm supposed to get my feet up out of the water. 
Not to worry. I made a drawing. Ish. 

My left thumb-no extra charge. 

So okay. There's (a younger and lovelier)me intensely concentrating trying to get all those things happening at once. One hundred percent pure focus. And looking at the teacher and I'm doin' it and I'm thinkin', yeahhhhhheh heh heh I got this.

Yay me. 

And I look over to everyone else in the class and they've got BOTH their feet peeking out of the water. I was trying to follow the instructors lead exactly and do that whole thing on one foot. 

Oy. What a maroon. 

So no, I didn't eat a cake that day because while I felt like maybe some of my invisible boundaries had been violated? I realized this conversation about food wasn't coming from a place of criticism at all. It's just a method of chat. An exchange of information. And I guess I can live with that. 

But look how easily you can get the wrong message just because you didn't set down your baggage and you're focussing on something completely different. It's kinda frightening, isn't it. 

Two days later it was Portillo's Fifty-Fourth Birthday and they had their extremely famous cake on special for 54 cents and I was driving by and I had the time and I brought a piece home and we shared it-over time. 

I'm not shooting for perfect. I'm going for better. 


More Gilda's Club stuff coming up. Lawd willin' 

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