Sunday, May 21, 2017

Hello Blog. 

I've been away. I've been readingthinkingreadingthinkingreadingthinking. You know how that is. I was even wondering if-on my tax form under occupation could I put 'Contemplative'. A social contemplative. Hmm. I have to think about that.

First, I shall offer you a recipe. Ready? 

K-9 not included. 

Take one half of one smallish avocado and put some Trader Joe's Everything but the Bagel Seasoning Blend on it. Tastes even better if it sits on there for a little while but whatever. No pressure. 



Next thing. Might not be interesting to anyone but me but here it is. I have to see the hematologist(We call her The Blood Lady for no apparent reason.)and she works out of the Cancer Center. I never never never never never noticed this and I've been (off and on) going to this gym for a long, long time. 

At the end of this hallway, the sign on the wall 
says: Center for Fitness 

At the other end of the same hallway
(you can't really see it because I'm trying not to annoy others)
the sign says: Cancer Center. 

Same hallway. Never noticed it. 


Wow, huh. 

I had to go to the Cancer Center twice this week because I had my 6-month check-in thing so I had to go and have my blood drawn. I can't put my finger on it exactly-maybe it was the sheer volume of people or maybe it was exactly how ill people appeared-maybe both, I dunno. 

If I said it was sobering, you would understand. 

I remember in the coolest oil painting class in the universe-it was just at the beginning and I remember asking the instructor-hey uhh how do I make skin color. I didn't have any idea. We even had a tube called 'flesh' if you can imagine that level of thought-but the skin tones of various people in the Cancer Center. Those are not colors you'd use. 

Does that make sense? 

So I did see the blood lady. I think I waited about 50 minutes and that's because the person ahead of me was having a bigger crisis that I could ever imagine so while I sat there, I drew things I might like to have tattooed on my wrist if I wasn't taking blood thinners so I'm not going to but it was something to do. The leading drawing is a tiny pair of glasses. Good thing I have a Sharpie. 

The Blood Lady misses P like crazy. I think she said: Where's your friend? about 4 times. Weird. 

Two very strange conversations with a neighbor that I haven't been able to sort out completely. Imagine a person gloating about their health insurance and how great it is-thanks to mine(and P's) tax dollars. is one supposed to respond to something like that without having a grapefruit within reach to push into the offenders face? Who says things like that? 

Same person, different day, just totally rips into me with a  furious tantrum and his topic was something like, What Kind Of Mood I Am In (and by the way-I don't believe I inquired at all) but what I did was this: I pointed my finger at some spot in the distance and I said: Get away from me. 

I'm not kidding. 

Get away from me. 

Speaking of toxin removal or whatever, right? 


We were at a teeny art street festival on Saturday. It was after work for me so I was really hungry and we get up to the food section and there's a choice of fries, a bratwurst or a hot dog and I see that it's being offered by the restaurant who's owner is a guy who was treated for colon cancer around the time I was and I think: I can't eat that. 

Not the same week I saw people who's skin was the color of ochre. Nuh-uh. 

So I've been reading and thinking. I knew you'd understand. 

Oh and singing. I think my friend Alice was the first one who posted something from Choir! Choir! Choir! and then, there was an email where they said they were actually coming to Chicago to sing a Prince song and I got on the Old Town School of Folk Music website pronto and I couldn't get it to let me buy any tickets so I finally called and found that there was only one left. 

Can I have it? I asked. 

One of my Aunts-in this story it was my sainted Aunt JoAnn(am I even spelling that properly? It's been so long.)talking to my cousin Becky because Becky was going to be taking some sort of very long bus journey where she didn't know anyone and Aunt JoAnn said: Find the cutest boy and sit next to him.

Why does that-of all things-stick in my head? It's a good thing that it did because I got to the song fest early and met a woman who was also there by herself(Frieda) so we went in together and suddenly there was William(I don't know if he actually goes by William. It was hard to hear.)because Freida dumped us for the limelight(you can't imagine how pushy people got to be in a live Facebook video-cripes.) Anyway, long story short-it was SO fun. Get on their mailing list if you can. Daveed has a glorious voice. 

One more recipe.



Have a happy week. 

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